Outdoor cultivation on the ErfGoedVloer

The ErfGoedVloer is the ideal base for your exterior growing and outdoor cultivation. The result: a uniform crop with a well-developed root structure. What’s more, you’ll have no more problems with heavy showers.

The ErfGoedVloer features a thin layer of porous stone covered with fabric. This layer prevents puddle formation. Excess irrigation water and rainwater drains away quickly. The membrane under the cultivation floor prevents emissions to the subsoil.

The ErfGoedVloer also allows better management of moisture. Water from the pot flows directly into the floor. This ensures lower disease pressure and uniform growth.

The benefits of the ErfGoedVloer:

  • A vigorous and uniform crop
  • Rapid drainage and storage of excess water
  • Less chance of freezing

Tree grower

A vigorous and uniform crop

The ErfGoedVloer’s vertical drainage ensures the development of an outstanding root system for the best outdoor cultivation. This leads to strong plants and reduces disease pressure.

Rapid drainage and storage of excess water

With the ErfGoedVloer you’ll have no more troubles with extreme showers. The vertical drainage system ensures rapid drainage.

Less chance of freezing

Pots on the ErfGoedVloer are in firm contact with the ground. This reduces the chance of the plants freezing.